Gruesome details emerge about alleged forced abortions

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — A man stands accused of forcing an at-home abortion on his girlfriend, a UCCS student.

Ahmed Almesbahi is now behind bars charged with 6 felonies.

The details we’re learning Friday are graphic.

For the victim, the horrors started a few years ago when they met online in 2012.

After a few years of dating they moved in together.

The first victim first got pregnant in 2014.

Being unmarried and with his Saudi Arabian background, Almesbahi allegedly forced the victim to have her first abortion.

A few months later she got pregnant again.

This time they got married and Almesbahi still forced the victim to get an abortion.

This time he took matters into his own hands, because she refused to do it.

He’s accused of pinning her on the bed, cutting her with a knife, then using a shish kebab skewer and other items to complete the abortion.

Around that same time Almesbahi was arrested on other counts of domestic violence.

Those charges are dropped.

He’s accused of tampering with the victim and manipulating her not to testify in the case.

A year later she comes forward again to the police.

This time she had more information for them to charge Almesbahi.

He’s currently being charged with 6 felonies, including sexual assault and unlawful termination of pregnancy.

The victim in this case ended up getting pregnant three times from Almesbahi.

The third time she had a miscarriage.

A doctor suspects that’s because of the damage caused in the previous abortion performed by Almesbahi with the shish kabab skewer.

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