Homeowners in Beulah Hill Fire areas describe scene before evacuation

BEULAH, Colo. — The Beulah Hill Fire has burned a total of 5,000 to 5,500 acres Tuesday.

Several evacuees left their homes, not knowing if it would still be standing today.

The fire is zero percent contained. At least 8 homes and 6 outbuildings have been destroyed. No injuries have been reported.

Homeowners left feeling anxious as they waited to hear if their home survived the fire.

Homeowners describe what they saw before they evacuated:

“Troopers came up and said you better leave, well, we hung around. And at 12:30 in the morning they came up and they were knocking on doors saying you need to leave. And we could see the orange ball coming over Signal Mountain so, we packed up, got the motorcycle, got the truck,” said Dan Clements, who has lived in Beulah for 14 years.

“We were really afraid because the wind was terrible. And it wasn’t really just in one direction. We knew that the fire started up where you come into Beulah and then it actually jumped to the other side and so, at that point with the wind that terrible, we really feared for the worst,” said Elisabeth Walsh, a local teacher in Beulah.

The shelter at the Colorado State Fairgrounds located at 1001 Beulah Avenue in Pueblo is full of supplies thanks to the American Red Cross.

They have supplied cots, blankets, food and water.



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