Calmer weather helps firefighters limit spread of Beulah Hill Fire

This story was last updated Tuesday. 

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PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — Fire officials estimate the Beulah Hill Fire burned between 300 and 500 acres Tuesday afternoon.

As of 10 p.m. Tuesday, officials estimate the fire along Highway 78 east of Beulah has burned a total of 5,000 to 5,500 acres. Most of the growth came Monday evening. Tuesday’s weather was calmer, allowing firefighters to use aircraft to dump water on the flames.

The fire is zero percent contained. At least 8 homes and 6 outbuildings have been destroyed. No injuries have been reported.

About 1,950 people have been evacuated from a total of 700 homes. Officials said a handful of people, many of whom are firefighters, chose to stay in their homes.

Federal and state resources are working to contain the fire, along with support from multiple counties. About 400 firefighters are fighting the fire.

At 6 a.m. Wednesday, control of firefighting efforts will be transferred to a Type 2 incident management team. This will give the firefighters more supervision and logistical support.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

A Health Advisory has been issued in Pueblo County due to poor air quality and falling ash. Those with respiratory conditions are advised to stay indoors.

The Pueblo Community Joint Information Center is open. Call 719-583-4640 if you have any questions.


The entire Beulah Valley is under evacuation orders, including:

  • Pine Drive (preferred evacuation route: 12 Mile)
  • North Signal Mountain (preferred evacuation route: South exit)
  • North Creek to Red Mountain Youth Camp
  • 2 mile radius of the 8300 block of Highway 78, including 3R Road
  • Hurricane Ranch area
  • 4-square miles off Highway 78
  • Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park
  • Northcreek Road
  • 2-mile radius of 3R Road and Signal Mountain
  • Oldham Road and Extended Oldham Road
  • Beulah proper


  • Waterbarrel Estates

No new evacuation orders were issued Tuesday.

Updated map of Beulah Hill Fire area as of Tuesday afternoon / Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
Updated map of Beulah Hill Fire area as of Tuesday afternoon / Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office


  • Colorado State Fairgrounds Event Center located at 1001 Beulah Avenue in Pueblo
  • The shelter at the Roncalli STEM Academy has closed.


  • Highway 78 from 3R Road to Colorado 225
  • Highway 78 at Siloam Road and 224
  • Highway 225 (the Y in Beulah)
  • 3R Road to North Signal Mountain Road
  • County Road from 3R Road to Colorado 225


  • The Beulah School will be closed again Wednesday. Any Beulah student attending another D70 school will be excused Wednesday.
  • Students from Beulah School of Natural Sciences are restricted from going on campus.


  • Small animals can be taken to the Pueblo Humane Society located at 4600 Eagle Ridge Place.
  • Large animals can be taken to the Colorado State Fairgrounds at 1001 Beulah Avenue. Use Gate 6.

Pueblo Animal Services Animal Law Enforcement is rescuing pets stranded in the evacuated area. To report animals left behind in the evacuation zone, call 719-544-3005, press 1 for Animal Law Enforcement, and press 1 for Emergency.

If you find a lost horse or other animal and are able to transport it, take it to the fairgrounds so it can be reunited with its owner.

Steel City Alley Cats Coalition, a non-profit animal welfare organization based in Pueblo, is giving out free dog and cat food to any pet owners affected by the fire. All food is free and will be given out until the fire is fully contained, according to founder and director Samantha Townsend. Call 719-582-1043 for more information. Food can be picked up or dropped off.


A Red Flag Warning has been issued for Fremont County, Pueblo County, and southern El Paso County, including the fire area. The warning is in effect until 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Afternoon winds continue around 10 to 20 mph. Wind gusts of 40 mph are also still possible near the fire.

Northwest and southwest winds are making firefighting efforts difficult at this time.


Due to road closures and evacuations, USPS was not able to deliver mail to about 200 post office boxes and 500 street addresses on Tuesday. All Beulah mail is being held at the Pueblo Sunset Station at 3000 Wedgewood Drive. The mail is available for pickup with identification.

If mail is not picked up, it will be delivered once the restrictions are removed.

This story was last updated Tuesday. 

>> Tap here for the latest on the fire. <<

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