Son granting father’s final wishes in cross country adventure

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A dying father’s final wish is being granted by his own son.

The two say the bigger picture is to bring awareness to depression and mental illness, but it’s also about the spirit of adventure.

“I might be here five minutes. I might be here five years. Who knows,” said Dale Fredrick.

Fredrick suffered a stroke in 2005 and was only given six months to live.

“He should have died,” said Bryan Fredrick, his son. “He should not have survived that stroke. It was a miracle. After he survived that stroke, they said if he survives he’s going to be a vegetable the rest of his life.”

But the doctors were proven wrong.

“I don’t intend to go gently into that good night,” said Dale. “That’s not who I am.”

So instead of laying around and waiting on doctors, Dale and his son decided to take one last great adventure.

“I wanted to get out, do something,” said Dale. “Get out of my apartment, enjoy life, be active, do things, but of course I needed his help.”

“It’s almost euphoric getting to be out and know that it’s difficult, it’s hard, it’s not always fun, but knowing that I’m giving my dad what he wants,” said Bryan.

The adventure began in Nevada and the goal is to arrive on the east coast, but both men say just having more time together is what counts.

“It has been phenomenally great,” said Dale. “He’s been a huge help not only with my needs and things but the knowledge that he has.”

“I want to know that he’s getting what he wants,” said Bryan. “I want to know that he’s going out on his terms. He had no say in his stroke, he had no say in any of the subsequent heart attacks. The least I can do is help him get a say in where he’s going to be and when.”

The only way the two are able to travel is through Dale’s monthly disability check and donations. If you’d like more information on their journey or would like to donate, check out their Facebook page.

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