Colorado Springs voters react to first presidential debate

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Both Democrats and Republicans hosted debate watch parties Monday night.

A CNN-ORC poll released Monday has Trump edging Clinton 42 percent to 41 percent here in Colorado

The Republicans hosted their watch party at the Stargazers Theater. Dozens of Trump supports came out to watch.

“With Donald Trump, you want to see a presidential demeanor,” said Shane Sandridge, an investment consultant. “I think with Hilary Clinton, you want to see somebody who is truthful and who is ethical and if you can walk away with that, I think both of them have done pretty well.”

“I think so far he’s acting very presidential, being very respectful and I really hope he can hold that out until the end,” said Rachel Blake, a former state trooper.

Meanwhile, the local Democratic party watched the debate at their headquarters downtown.

Those in favor of seeing Clinton in office said her political experience is enough.

“Mrs. Clinton, who’s the most qualified person to ever run for president of the United States, more qualified than any of our founding fathers, communicates that she has that expertise,” said George Merkert, a filmmaker.

“I think Hilary keeps her composure,” said Sara Drapkin-Ott, a business owner. “I think she’s got a great temperament and that’s why I think she would make a great president.”

Clinton and Trump will square off once again on October 9 at Washington University in Missouri.

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