Local high school student among top race car drivers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A sophomore from Widefield High School is making a name for herself out on the race track.

“So I got my NASCAR license before I had my permit or my license,” said Mariah Boudrieau, a 15-year-old stock car racer.

Auto racing has long been a family tradition for the Boudrieau family.

“My dad kind of got me into racing,” Mariah said. “He raced when he was younger and he got me into racing and then I started racing and driving snowmobiles before I was even one-year-old.”

“The first time I saw her in a car running around the track — I just said wow,” said Dana Boudrieau, Mariah’s father. “I can’t believe she’s throttling it that much.”

Just a few weeks ago, Mariah won her first main event beating out drivers almost twice her age.

“I knew I was winning but I was like wow this is a really easy race because nobody passed me,” said Mariah. “I didn’t pass anybody, I just led from the start.”

“To race on one of the fastest tracks and keep up with all the other drivers and do what she’s done, it’s quite an accomplishment I think,” said Boudrieau.

What was once a pink and black car has since turned into a green and black car which was appropriately named “Froggy.”

“I have a 1998 Dodge Neon with a two point liter four-cylinder motor and I really like that I can just get in the car and go,” said Mariah. “It’s really easy to adapt to and it’s just really fun to drive.”

But with dad as her crew chief, he says it’s not always peaches and cream.

“When she comes in and the car’s not running well — you know who gets yelled at so I do my best to keep it going,” said Boudrieau.

“I just take away good sportsmanship and being grateful that I’m able to spend time with my family on Saturday nights,” said Mariah.



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