Coloradans react to increased parking fees at Incline, Barr Trail lot

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — Whether you live in Manitou Springs or are just visiting, traffic remains a consistent problem.

“If I go to a yoga class in the afternoon which would normally take me 15 minutes to get there, it can take me 45 minutes to get there. If I try to leave to go to an appointment or something I have to plan in the summer time 40 minutes which would normally take me 20 minutes,” said Becky Beaudin, who has lived in Manitou Springs for 21 years.

The traffic only gets worse as you drive up to tourist attractions.

“It gets very, very congested. People trying to find a parking spot, I’ve seen things happen to where they end up getting into arguments for parking spots and it kind of gets crazy,” said Nicco Hernandez, from Colorado Springs.

It’s just one of the reasons why city council voted to raise parking prices near popular places, like the Incline and the Barr Trail.

Manitou Springs City Council voted Tuesday night approving the price hike.

Metered parking along Ruxton Avenue will double to $10 an hour.

Parking at Barr Trail Lot has also been doubled and will cost you $20 a day.

But it’s a price some say may be too high.

“Having to pay $10 on Ruxton I think is a little steep if you ask me,” Hernandez said.

Others disagree.

 “I think we need to keep people from parking up here, so whatever it takes to keep people from parking up here ’cause they go around, and around, and around,” Beaudin said.

The city says people have options when it comes to checking out the Incline and the Barr Trail.

“We have a free parking lot with a free shuttle to a free attraction. That pretty much covers anyone, in a socio economic bracket can handle and afford and have access to the incline. So, it’s not about access, it’s not about making money,” said Nicole Nicoletta, mayor of Manitou Springs.

Those who park at the Barr Trail Lot can bring their parking pass from the kiosk to Barr Camp or the Pikes Peak Summit House for a small refund.

They will validate your parking pass giving you a discount on the cost.

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