A+ News: D-11 high schoolers get head start in media production

Students learn video production
Students learn video production at Doherty High School / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — “My goal is to be on ESPN or Sports Center by the time I’m 24,” said 17-year-old Hayley Neuendorf, a senior at Doherty High School.

A big goal for a girl still in high school, but she’s already got experience under her belt.

“I can edit, I can be behind the camera, I can be in front of the camera, I can do all of it. And most people don’t even get that experience until in college,” Neuendorf said.

It’s thanks to District 11’s Media Production Services Department.

“It allows these students to actually try out these skills and see if this is truly what they want to pursue as a career,” said Molly Bonville, a business education and video production teacher at Doherty High School.

The department streams as many as 150 live events a year, including concerts, sporting events, student broadcasts, and even board meetings.

“They’re actually wearing headsets and the director is telling them what shots he’s looking for what he wants to do his live switching back in the truck,” said Barry Reid, a broadcast announcer and segment producer for D-11’s media productions department.

Students even broadcast their own show – The Spartan Outlook – every two weeks showcasing a variety of stories, skits and more.

Students say it’s an opportunity not everyone gets.

“I’m gonna be ahead of the game when I already have my portfolio. I’m not gonna have to build that once I’m in college, I’ll already have that and I will already have the materials that most people don’t even get until they’re juniors, seniors in college,” Neuendorf said.

D-11 also holds a two-day Sportscaster’s Boot Camp for high schoolers where they can learn everything about live tv, from behind the camera and in front.

Their second one will be held during Spring Break this year and we’re told it’s already full at 45 students.

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