Hundreds come out for Trump’s second visit to Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — For the second time during his campaign, Donald Trump was back in town for another rally in the Front Range.

Hundreds came out to see the Republican nominee for president.

His speech covered several topics including:

  • Ending the common core and bringing education decisions local
  • Opening up mining operations here in the states to tap unused energy reserves
  • Completely revamping the trade agreements we have

A big topic of his speech was the economy.

“Our plan begins with economic prosperity. My economic agenda can be summed up with three simple, beautiful words. Do you know what they are? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs,” said Trump.

Mark Medina was the first person in line for this event Saturday; he waited over 6 hours to hear Trump speak.

He said he thinks Colorado will be a major battle ground state come Election Day and that our state has a lot more Trump supporters than people think.

One thing he took away from the event is the new things Trump has to say.

“He’s slowing but surely releases new things and I like that. A lot of people have complained and said well, he doesn’t really say what he’s going to do, so now it’s kinda like we’re finding out more and more and more about his policies and what directions he’s really going to be going in,” said Medina.

It appears as if the presidential race in Colorado is heating up.

A real clear politics poll, which combines several polls, had Trump losing to Hilary Clinton by 11 points over a week ago.

Right now, that margin is down to just over three points still in favor of Clinton, so this may not be the last time we see Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton for that matter here in our area.

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