Pueblo Community College to be tobacco free campus in 2017

Pueblo Community College / Mike Duran FOX21
Pueblo Community College / Mike Duran FOX21

PUEBLO, Colo. — You soon won’t be able to smoke anywhere at Pueblo Community College campuses.

“All of us enjoy the nice weather, all of us enjoy breathing the nice air, and I think as people get warm to the idea, I think people will recognize and respect that what we’re doing here at Pueblo Community College is in fact, the right thing to do,” said Jose Rivera, Interim Dean of Student Success.

Starting in fall 2017, the use of tobacco will be banned, including electronic cigarettes.

Specific smoking areas were designated in 2010.

“Those that want to smoke will continue to smoke. We’re not saying you can’t smoke. We’re just saying that you won’t be able to smoke at any of Pueblo Community College’s campuses,” Rivera said.

Rivera said the college wants to create a healthy environment for students and staff, and this is one way they can protect them from secondhand smoke.

“You will always have the people who are smokers that will have something to say, that will push back. But I think if they really look at it, we’re talking about their good health and their well-being,” Rivera said.

Rivera said this will be a year of transition as they become smoke free.

He said anyone caught smoking won’t be fined, but will be given information on the harmful effects of smoking and resources on how to quit.

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