Behind the scenes of prepping for Tim McGraw

Concert preperation

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — Country superstar Tim McGraw will be in town for a big concert at Falcon Stadium Saturday.

This concert is eight months in the making.

“After you get the facility then you go to the agents and figure out what kind of a lineup you have,” said event organizer Gary Dewaard.

The lineup includes Adley Stump, David Ray, Phillip Phillips, Train, and, of course, McGraw.

“One of the icons that’s still cranking out hits in country music. We’re really excited. It’s a rare thing to be able to do that,” said Dewaard.

Come Saturday night, McGraw will be surrounded by adoring fans, but what you might not know is how much work goes in to a concert of this size.

“Four day tops we’ll have it all complete, ready for the artist to step on stage and perform. 12-hour days,” said stagehand Michael Ortiz.

This concert will create the type of atmosphere that can only be felt at a live music event.

“A concert like this is drawing you in emotionally so much that you really forget about everything else that’s happening,” said Dewaard.

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