Colorado Springs man arrested after police find child porn in Dropbox account

Nicholas Bennett / Colorado Springs Police Department
Nicholas Bennett / Colorado Springs Police Department

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs man has been arrested after investigators found several pieces of child porn in his Dropbox account.

Nicholas Bennett, 26, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges of sexual exploitation of children, which is a class five felony.

The investigation began in March, when the file-sharing service Dropbox told authorities that one of its users had uploaded suspected child porn. Dropbox gave police the account number and email address of the person who uploaded the video.

Colorado Springs police determined the account belonged to Bennett, who had used his work email address to sign up for the site. According to the arrest affidavit, Bennett told police he never looked for child porn, but would sometimes come across it in Snapchat groups. He told police he backed up his Snapchat account to his Dropbox so that anything he viewed in Snapchat would be saved to Dropbox. He told police he had forgotten to go into Dropbox and delete the images of child porn.

Bennett told police the youngest victim he remembered seeing was high-school age. He told police he was not sexually aroused by any of the images.

When police searched the Dropbox account, they found a folder titled “Young” that contained a total of 48 videos. Police said all of the videos were related to the sexual exploitation of children, except for five in which the ages of the people involved couldn’t be determined.

The videos showed children performing sex acts on each other, men and women performing sex acts on children, young girls taking off their clothes, and children masturbating. The victims were between 5 and 13 years old, according to police.

Bennett will appear in court on September 26.


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