President George W. Bush helping veterans find jobs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — Former President George W. Bush is trying to make a difference for veterans where he talked about helping veterans get jobs.

Right now Fort Carson transitions about 500 soldiers a month into civilian life – that’s 6,000 a year.

Well- trained soldiers that need jobs, but might have trouble finding one for several reasons.

That’s why President Bush helped create resources for not only transitioning soldiers, but the companies that will hire them.

It’s all part of the Ft. Carson Transition Summit, which had a big job fair with over 150 employers handing out jobs on the spot.

It’s important for transitioning soldiers to have as much help as possible finding jobs, because of how different being outside of the military is.

“You go from being in the military where you go from being in structure. You go from being in an environment you’re used to and then you transition out and it’s a tough environment to transition from,” said veteran Dakota Meyer.

A big road block for transitioning soldiers can be dealing with PTSD.

“I don’t want my buddies to know that I’m dealing with issues. I don’t want my commander to know I’m dealing with issues. I don’t want people who are about to hire me to know I’m dealing with issues and therefore I’m going to deal with it myself. It doesn’t work. It leads to self-medication. It leads to squandered talent,” said President Bush.

That’s why it’s important to personalize each soldier’s transition to tackle the problems they face.

“Creating a customized plan, so that they can make that individual transition successful is one of the best ways we can help inform that transition for that service member,” said the Senior Vice President of the USO.

Not all the weight falls on the shoulders of soldiers.

“If the employer community understands that it’s one thing to hire somebody. It’s another thing to make sure that transition works,” said President Bush.

For the one’s transitioning; they have to think differently than they have before.

“We’re the ones who usually go in and we help other countries. We help other nations. We are the beacon of light, so when these young men and women and these young service members come back asking for help is not something that’s in their nature,” said Meyer.

Another big help will be breaking down the language barrier between soldiers and companies.

Sometimes it can be difficult for soldiers to relate what they do in the military to what they’ll be doing outside of it; making getting a job harder.

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