High school athletes in Illinois kneel during national anthem

Football players kneel
Football players from Auburn High School in Illinois take a knee during the national anthem / CNN

Kneeling during the national anthem isn’t just for the pros anymore.

The peaceful form of protest now has high school players taking a knee.

During last Friday’s game, a TV news camera caught half a dozen football players from Auburn High School in Illinois taking a page out of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s playbook.

Auburn head coach Dan Appino released a statement saying he’s not happy football is being used as a platform for this protest, but he respects the passion the kids feel about this topic.

The Rockford School District says the student actions do not violate any of its policies.

“Our statement that we put out I think stands,” said Ehren Jarrett, superintendent of Rockford Public Schools. “We’re allowing Coach Appino and the team to work together to have very important conversation there.”

The District Athletic Director issued a statement saying:

Auburn High School coaching staff and student athletes will discuss the team members’ actions and both the coaching staff and students’ thoughts of the national anthem in what we hope will be a meaningful dialogue.

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