Man says Airbnb declined his request because of appearance

DENVER, Colo. — A couple looking to stay the night in Denver is charging prejudice after their request to stay in an Airbnb was declined.

David Stevens and his wife were planning a one-night stay in the city so they requested a room at a local bed and breakfast.

The couple was shocked to find their request was declined.

Stevens thinks his appearance – which includes long hair and a bushy beard – played a role in the company’s decision to deny their request, and he is calling prejudice on the issue.

“I requested to book there and about a day later, they declined it,” Stevens said. “… I mean, I was booking as myself and what you see is what you get.”

Meanwhile, the company announced a new non-discrimination policy that includes making profile pictures less prominent, along with anti-bias training and blackout dates for guests who decline a reservation based on bias.

The change comes after months of complaints about hosts’ racism against many Airbnb guests.


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