Air Force football means tradition for many families

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — College football is in the air and whether it means family tradition or just team spirit, it’s all about having a good time.

“We’re one of the first one’s here and we’re one of the last one’s to leave,” said Scott Miller.

A third generation Air Force football fan, Miller and his family love the Falcons.

“My grandparents wanted to support the military,” Miller said. “They wanted to support the new academy.”

The family tradition of tailgating on game day is all an important aspect to those who bleed blue and white.

“It’s awesome,” said Cole Sullivan. “Everybody’s supporting the Air Force Academy. It’s a good bond with everybody in the Air Force and go Falcons.”

“We love it when we’re all together because we can’t do it always together so it’s really nice when we all can be together and be here and tailgating and playing football before the football game,” said the Pine family.

While tradition is important to many of these fans so is how you tailgate and that’s something that Miller has mastered.

“All of the sudden I started to think of this idea of a tailgate kitchen,” said Miller.

That’s right — a grill, refrigerator and counter top space all custom wrapped so that when game day comes — so does a feast.

“We’ll have huevos rancheros today and then tonight I’ll cook dinner,” said Miller. “I’ve done eggs benedict down here to steaks to champagne but always Bloody Marys.”

And of course, always Falcon pride.

“Alright, 35 to 17,” said the Pine family. “That’s my score prediction.”

“Air Force victory,” Miller said. “It’s Falcons all the way, always number one.”



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