CSPD reminds drivers of school zones and hefty fines

fremont elementary school crosswalk
Students using crosswalk at Fremont Elementary School / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Kids are back in school and so are school zones.

“The reason for that is we got a lot of elementary kids, a lot of kids between the ages of four and 10 that are walking to these schools and they really need us to pay attention and be careful cause they don’t always do a good job of paying attention and being careful,”said Lt. Scott Schwall with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Both crossing guards and police say it can be easy to forget until you come across crossing guards.

“Even some forget when I’m standing in the middle of the cross walk,” said Katrina Deans, a crossing guard for Fremont Elementary School.

That’s the reason why the fines are hefty; one ticket can easily cost you more than $100.

“During the first month of school we definitely see more violations than we do the rest of the school year. Just because people aren’t used to it,” Schwall said.

Fines in school zones and construction zones are doubled.

Speeding fines are based on the number of miles per hour over the speed limit.

CSPD says the standard fine is $10 per mile, plus a surcharge of $20.

In a school zone, the fine is $20 per mile plus the surcharge; that surcharge is used to fund school crossing guards.

Police and crossing guards say it’s a shared responsibility between the drivers and students crossing the street.

“I think parents should be giving the correct education to their children to you know, this person needs to be listened to. You know, you can’t just go walking in the street,”Deans said.

It’s an important thing for young children to hear as they begin learning to cross the street safely.

“It may be the difference between an injury to a kindergartener or a first grader who’s not paying attention to what’s going on and just runs out in the street,” Schwall said.

Colorado goes by a point system and speeding violations can add points against your driver’s license.

Colorado allows drivers over the age of 21 to have 12 points worth of violations in one year or 18 points in a consecutive 24 months.

For example:

Five to nine miles over = one point

10 to 19 miles over = four points

29 to 39 over = 6 points

Anything past 12 points could suspend put your driver’s license.

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