Mystery artist has had it with potholes in condo complex parking lot

inappropriate potholes
A resident is sending a strong message to their HOA at Sierra Pointe Condominiums / Resident at Sierra Pointe

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – After multiple flat tires and dozens of complaints, the pothole problem at Sierra Pointe Condominiums does not seem to be getting any better.

One resident has taken matters into their own hands, painting explicit images around them.

“It’s pretty much, you know, some male genitalia,” said John, a resident.

The area is made up of a mix of owners and renters but all pay fees to a homeowners association.

One man told FOX21 News he pays $550 per month for the HOA, but he’s not sure where his money is going.

Residents said the potholes in the parking lot are nothing new and have been a problem for months.

“Some of them are like maybe 6 or 7 inches deep,” said Emma, another resident.

“I’ve had two flat tires already from hitting a couple of potholes over there at night,” said John. “I hate having to drive through here everyday.”

There’s quite a few at the complex who are frustrated and then there is the anonymous artist who has clearly just had it.

“I mean I find it funny because I can’t stand these potholes, and I’m sure whoever did this is probably way more pissed off than I’ll ever be,” said John.

Other residents said they aren’t thrilled with the inappropriate artwork but they support sending a strong message to their HOA.

“I’m kind of glad they did bring this to their attention so people can realize how bad the roads really are up here,” said Emma. “I mean everybody’s car needs a wheel alignment going through these holes.”

“Someone put graffiti out here finally because I guess they’re fed up with it,” said Steve, an owner at the complex for 13 years. “There’s 200 people that come up this every day and it’s not getting fixed.”

With lots of kids in the neighborhood, all agreed they hope something is done soon but they aren’t getting their hopes up.

“If anything they’ll probably send out a crew to wash it off if the rain doesn’t do it,” said John. “I don’t know if the potholes haven’t been fixed by now I don’t think they ever will.”

“They say it’s gonna be done but they said that last year and the year before too,” said Steve.

FOX21 News reached out to the HOA for a response but has yet to receive a reply.

WARNING: Photos in the gallery below contain explicit content.

All photos courtesy resident at Sierra Pointe Condominiums.


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