Local lawyer adds name to Colorado voting ballot for presidency

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs man earned a spot on the Colorado ballot as an Independent candidate for President of the United States.

Mike Smith is a Colorado Springs lawyer and father to four boys. He officially made the Colorado ballot last week and is now in the process of becoming a write-in candidate for at least 30 other states.

Smith says his campaign is a “lean and mean” operation, running on nothing more than voter support and volunteer help.

He also says this election is leaving many voters frustrated as some aren’t confident in either candidate for presidency — something he’s hoping he can change.

“I’m running not as a Democrat, not as a Republican but as an American,” said Smith.

Smith considers himself an everyday average American, one that just so happens to be an Independent candidate for president.

“I’m not a politician,” said Smith. “I’m just unhappy with the choices that we have and there are 300 million plus people in this country and many of them feel disenfranchised and I do as well.”

Smith interned at the White House in 2006 and that’s exactly where his political background ends, a quality he believes can play to his advantage with American voters.

“I believe that real change is only going to come in Washington when Americans have the courage to do something that is a little different than what we’ve done before,” he said.

Providing economic opportunities for Americans and re-shaping the economy are just two issues that Smith has at the top of his agenda.

“There’s an opportunity here for the right candidate to come in and put forth an economic agenda that can get America back to work,” Smith said.

Smith believes Americans aren’t happy with the two front-running candidates, which is exactly why he’s asking for your vote.

“We really are in unprecedented times here in this election and we’re in unusual times — I should say — and if we look back on the history of our country, sometimes unusual times call for unusual type leaders,” Smith said.

Smith says his campaign is fighting for “we the people” and while he recognizes the odds are certainly stacked against him, he remains optimistic.

“It is the most unique job in the world and it’s a job that more than anything else, isn’t about a resume,” said Smith. “It’s about courage, it’s about character, it’s about having compassion for people that are living in this country that need opportunities.”

Under the current political structure, no third party candidate has ever won the presidency.

“Is it unlikely for a third party, myself, another Independent to win a state or a few states and throw the election into the house of representatives,” asked Smith. “Sure, it’s unlikely but that may be exactly what we need this year to provide Americans with a voice.”

For more information on Smith’s campaign and his political views, click here.

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