FIRST LOOK: Colorado Springs’ first indoor water park resort

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s been vacant for years, but once construction on the Great Wolf Lodge is over, it’ll be an indoor water park resort–a first for the Pikes Peak region.

“There was such a fantastic footprint already, and we’re able to mold and create and influence our brand and culture into something like this,” said James Anderson, general manager of the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs.

One of the main features is the 50,000-square-foot water park, which will be open only to resort guests.

The resort will also feature bowling, rock climbing, and a variety of dining options that will be open to everyone in the community.

“This is the first area that we’ve been in that has an extremely popular and deep-rooted agricultural movement that we want to be part of. And because it is a growing community, we want to make sure that the community that supports us know that we support them back,” said Christopher Hammond, corporate director of food and beverage for Great Wolf Resorts.

Resort officials said one of their restaurants will be using food from local ranchers and farmers.

“I think it makes a difference in what our guests are looking for is that our guests are looking for different dining options these days. And they want to know where their food is coming from, they want to know what’s in their food and this is our way of providing very clean labeled, very locally sourced, a lot of organic options for our guests,” Hammond said.

The resort, which is located near Interstate 25 and Interquest Parkway, will bring in nearly 500 jobs to Colorado Springs. Click here to apply.

Reservations can now be made for as early as December 26.

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