Thousands of claims filed following hail storm damage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Insurance companies around town are seeing a spike in claims thanks to last week’s hail storm that left hundreds of homes and cars badly damaged.

“We’ve had about 15,000 claims since Thursday come through because of the storm,” said Rich Johnson, a spokesperson for USAA.

That number is expected to grow as more people continue to assess the damage done to both their cars and homes after large hail pelted areas of Colorado Springs.

“When we get hailstorms a lot of people call in,” said Penny Raye, an officer manager with Farmers Insurance. “Very concerned, especially one as big as this one was. There was a lot of golf ball sized hail and knocked out a lot of people’s windows.”

Both State Farm and USAA have set up locations around town for customers to receive mobile adjustments on their cars.

“Typically when we’re looking at damage, we’re looking at things that are pretty typical that have to do with that storm,” said Johnson.

For cars that means dimple marks as opposed to large dents, and on homes adjusters look for siding, window and roof damage.

“We’ve seen a lot of complaints about window breakage, especially vehicles, skylights also especially,” said Raye. “We’ve had a lot of customers with their windows broken out and they’re having to replace windows.”

Regardless of who your provider is, they all recommend filing a claim as soon as possible.

“Document any damage whether it’s taking pictures, writing it down, taking an inventory,” said Johnson.

“The biggest thing is just please get a quote first from a reputable company,” said Raye. “Do your research and make sure you look up the reviews on these companies because there’s a lot of companies that unfortunately aren’t very honest and we want to make sure that you’re taken care of.”

Insurance companies are warning customers to be wary when it comes to hiring any type of adjuster, especially on your home.

“Contractors that are unlicensed, they fly by the night,” said Johnson. “They want to come in, they’ll give you a really low bid and it’s probably too good to be true but check with your insurance company. They usually have a good network of contractors and auto body repair shops to go to, same with the city or the Better Business Bureau.”

Providers are also asking that all customers be patient during this time as it could take several more weeks before everything is settled.

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