New conference coming to CO Springs for moms coping with loss of children

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Some local moms say suicide has become an epidemic in Colorado Springs.

“I believe we lost seven children in District 20 just this last spring to that kind of death,” said Lynda Shelhamer, organizer for the Heavenly Hope and Healing Conference.

Now they’re hoping to start a discussion.

“A lot of times parents, after a child has committed suicide, they feel very isolated and alone and that no one understands what they’re going through,” Shelhamer said.

“Very most difficult thing a person will ever encounter in their life, losing a children that all your hope is in,” said Chris Volberding, marketing communicator for the Heavenly Hope and Healing Conference.

Volberding lost her daughter at three-months-old in 1985 and her 25-year-old son in 2009.

“You just shut down. You don’t wanna be out in the world and you internalize to the point where you feel like you are the only one on the planet Earth that has lost a child,” Volberding said.

But she learned she wasn’t alone and wants to help others going through a similar loss.

“I lost a 15-year-old son to suicide 16 years ago. And at that time, it was a year and a half before I met another mom who had been through the same life experience as I had,” Shelhamer said.

It’s why they’re holding the heavenly hope and healing conference in Colorado Springs, an event specifically for mothers to celebrate children lost.. whether through suicide, a drug overdose or a car accident.

“Learning how to move ahead, and not giving up, and reinventing yourself, and rediscovering life and how you can take that loss and make that loss something that can help others,” Volberding said.

That conference is happening this Saturday, August 6 at Glen Eyrie Castle.

Tickets start at $65 and includes meals, a hike and a balloon release.

Click here to sign up or you can call Shelhamer at 719-650-2219.

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