Parents say district problems start at top of totem pole amidst superintendent’s resignation

District 60 Building / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

PUEBLO, Colo. — The resignation of Dr. Constance Jones was something Kelly Hibler saw coming.

“They’re gonna push her out. They hired her because she was the weakest interviewer, they didn’t think that she would succeed. It would give them motive to fire her when she didn’t perform well. And then they could bring in their buddy Kathy Di Niro, who was out because of term limits,” said Hibler said.

Pueblo School District 60’s superintendent resigned less than a month before the start school year.

She turned in a resignation letter at a school board meeting last week, which the board unanimously voted to accept.

Dr. Constance Jones' resignation letter to Pueblo City Schools Board of Education / District 60
Dr. Constance Jones’ resignation letter to Pueblo City Schools Board of Education / District 60

But parents say it’s not the beginning of problems with the district.

“Lack of transparency and communication, that’s a really big deal here,” said Desiree Gentry, another concerned mother.

Parents say it’s the children who are getting the short end of the stick.

“They want somebody from Pueblo. ‘Oh, only Pueblo knows Pueblo.’ No you know what? That’s the problem. Everybody is scratching each other’s back and they’re not doing what’s right for the kids. They’re doing what’s right for each other. And that’s not fair to my kids, that’s not fair to their kids, that’s not fair to anybody’s children,” Hibler said.

While parents say they appreciate the teachers that work with their children, they believe the problem is at the top of the totem pole.

“It’s an on-going problem that started years ago. And until they get rid of people like the Frank Latinos, the Phyllis Sanchezes, the Celementies, the people that have grown up, that have lived here, that know each other. Until they get rid of that, nothing will change,” Hibler said.

The Pueblo City Schools Board of Education released a statement in regards to the situation:

“The Pueblo City Schools Board of Education is fully committed to solving our persistent challenges for the best academic outcomes and success in putting students first.  Recent events will not diminish our resolve to move forward in a positive direction in the best interests of all students.  To that end, we have recently appointed an exceptionally qualified and trusted Acting Superintendent in Charlotte Macaluso.  We have also already engaged the experienced services of the Colorado Association of School Boards to guide an open and deliberate search for an Interim Superintendent.  

As with all personnel matters, the Board is obligated to protect individual privacy rights that prohibit speaking further about Dr. Jones’ resignation or any other employee’s personal decisions.  As we continue working on the transition to new leadership and a new school year, we invite the community to direct its efforts toward supporting all of our valued employees as we prepare for the opening of school.” 


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