After battling injuries, one Olympic shooter is heading to Rio

sarah scherer
Sarah Scherer is heading to the Olympics for the second time / Ray Harless -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– With less than two weeks until the 2016 Olympics, 20 athletes will be heading to Rio to represent the USA Olympic Shooting Team.

Sarah Scherer is heading to the Olympics for the second time.

She will be competing in air rifle and 22 caliber rifle, but this time around these games will mean a lot more to her because of all she’s had to overcome.

For Scherer, shooting has been a part of her life since she was 9-years-old.

“I loved how unique the sport was and it was something that none of my friends did which I thought was kind of cool for me it was, kind of an extra challenge, it was just a physical sport it was also a very mental sport and a good balance between the two,” Scherer said.

She placed 7th in the London Olympics in 2012 and knew she wanted to keep competing in future games.

However, she suffered a lower back injury requiring two surgeries.

Proving her doctors wrong, she picked the gun back up in 2015, qualifying for Rio.

“This is the final round for me I really shouldn’t have to gotten to this point my doctor thought I was completely crazy when I wanted to try for this round,” Scherer said.

She isn’t concentrating on the fact that these Summer Games will most likely be her last.

“Not nervous about it at all, because it’s my last, it’s just my last of loving this and doing this to my best and fullest ability and maximizing that to and my training to my fullest ability,” Scherer said.

Instead, she’s focusing on getting the perfect score.

So when Scherer gets in her zone, she lines up, aims, and pulls back on the trigger.

“You can see the shot hit perfectly and it’s like everything is in slow motion and it’s so cool that’s what I live for and do this for,” she said.

While she’s happy to be competing again, Scherer hopes to come back to the states with some shiny souvenirs.

“Seeing the American flag on the medal stand is the coolest thing in the world so yeah that would be awesome,” she said.

Scherer will leave for Rio this weekend, and she will be competing in one of the first events during the Olympics.

Also, if she does retire, she plans on using her competitive nature in ballroom dancing and focusing on her other passion in wellness and nutrition.

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