Military Matters: Air Force cadets undergo basic training

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — New Air Force cadets are spending much of their summer experiencing basic cadet training – a 6-week program that introduces them to military life.

Hundreds of cadets have completed phase two of basic training which involves a two-hour march out to Jacks Valley, a wooded training area on Academy grounds.

“We’re focusing on building that per-decor, that teamwork, that morale and boosting it and having the basics come together as one cohesive unit before we head back off into the hill and have them accepted into our cadet wing,” said Tierra Franklin, the cadet group commander.

Training for incoming cadets involves a rigorous 11-day program involving 8 courses designed to test their physical and mental limits.

“The basics go through several obstacles and it’s meant to test their mental fortitude,” said Franklin. “It’s overcoming those fears of heights as well as longing not to ask for help.”

Sunday’s march also involved having cadets assemble tents as a group — another activity designed to build the very basics cadets will need.

“It builds the teamwork that you need in order to make it through the Academy,” said Franklin. “No one, and I honestly mean this, no one makes it through the Academy alone.”

The march to Jacks Valley is the very starting place where cadets learn to rely on one another.

“You have to have that teamwork,” said Franklin. “You have to have that support system and during this Jacks Valley that’s where you develop it because you’re going through courses, you’re going through obstacles that you cannot complete a course or obstacle by yourself.”

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