Southern Colorado teachers take course in cybersecurity

cybersecurity program
Cybersecurity program for teachers / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — There’s a shortage in the United States and it could affect protection for banks, credit cards, your laptop and even your cell phone.

“The NSA and the nation as a whole have identified that cybersecurity is going to be a major portion of national defense, going forward in protection people’s personal information,” said Jakob Nelson, lab and systems director for Secure Set LLC and Secure Set Academy.

Experts say a lot of experience is needed in order to create qualified applicants.

To do that, education needs to start early.

“In order for students to learn it, there has to be some type of facilitator or guide and if we can put in a controllable environment where students can learn this safely,” said Nick Williams, business technology teacher at Mesa Ridge High School.

More than 20 teachers from Southern Colorado spent the week learning about cybersecurity in a gen-cyber program.

It’s a way to help teachers build a curriculum on the subject and get students ready for a threat that could affect the nation as whole or an individual person.

“All of the software needed to do any kind of hacking is all free. So, it’s very easy with a little initiative that computer hackers can do a lot of damage very quickly,” Williams said.

Next week nearly 30 students will go through the cybersecurity class.

It will be similar to what the teachers learned in the program.

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