More Cold Springs Fire evacuees allowed back home

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — For days, evacuees of the Cold Springs Fire have been out of their homes as ferocious flames threatened to change their lives as they know it.

But Tuesday, hundreds of them got to go home after two mandatory evacuation orders were lifted.

It’s the best sign yet that firefighters are getting a handle on the wildfire. This as officials announced three more homes were destroyed, bringing the total to eight.

There were 804 emergency notification calls made to people who live in the Sugarloaf and Magnolia areas Tuesday morning. Those alerts let them know they could finally leave the Nederland High School evacuation site and other temporary locations to return home.

It was a welcome message after days of worry and wondering if they would even have places to come home to.

As he unlocked his door, resident Agnus also unlocked relief and cautious optimism for hundreds of residents off a now-open Magnolia Drive.

“That risk isn’t over yet. Things are looking OK, I guess. But it can turn around too,” said Angus, who didn’t want to give his last name.

He cut short a trip to California, returning home Monday night to sleep in his van.

Home never felt so sweet.

“It feels really nice. I talked to police in Nederland and they thought it would be another two or three days. So I was bracing for that,” he said.

“It was scary. Really scary. Fire travels fast up here,” neighbor Andrea Frazer said.

Fire forced Frazer and her six dogs out of their home for two nights.

“We’re back safe home right now, which is pretty amazing,” she said.

And they’re happy home is just as they left it — a place for their pets to run freely — as firefighters halted the run of a dangerous wildfire. But she knows they’re not out of the woods yet.

“It’s windy. It’s always going to change,” Frazer said.

But with 25 percent containment by Tuesday night, the neighbors’ fears slowly burned out, and forgiveness for the two campers accused of starting the fire grew.

“I hope everyone knows and learns something from this. That If you want to enjoy nature, be responsible,” Frazer said.

On Wednesday morning, residents with homes within the burn zone will be allowed to return to their properties to toss out spoiled food, grab clothing, paperwork, whatever they need.

They’ll have two hours to do that before they’re escorted out of the zone.

Firefighting operations will have to stop during that time, but officials think they’ve reached a point where that won’t be a problem.

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