Fountain police receive reports of several bear sightings

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — Police want to make sure local residents are aware of the possible presence of a small bear around the Fountain community.

Fountain police have received several reports of a small bear – possibly a cub – that was spotted in several neighborhoods over the past several days. The department is aware of the situation and has reached out to the Colorado Division of Wildlife to assist in locating and capturing the bear.

Police and a Colorado Division of Wildlife officer came into contact with the bear cub over the weekend and attempted to capture it but were unsuccessful.

The bear escaped into the wooded area and its present location is unknown.

Officials say the bear cub has not caused any known injuries to animals or property. When private property owners yelled at the bear cub to leave, it ran away.

Police want to remind the community to ensure that garbage containers are secure and not accessible to bears. Residents are urged not to leave garbage or food outside a residence.

If you see a bear, please call the Fountain Police Department. Do not try to capture, feed, or harass a bear.

To get more information on living with bears, visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife.





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