WATCH: Jefferson County deputies free bear stuck in car

EVERGREEN, Colo. — Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies rescued a small bear stuck in a car Tuesday morning–but they’re still trying to figure out how the bear got there in the first place.

It happened around 9 a.m. at a home near the Chief Hosa Campground. Deputies Tillman and McLaughlin were sent to the home to free the bear, which had somehow locked itself inside a car. The windows were intact and the door handles weren’t the kind you lift up, but somehow, the bear had managed to crawl inside and close the door behind him. Deputies could tell from the moisture on the windows that the bear had been inside for a while.

The deputies decided the safest move would be to open the hatchback and release the bear. But none of the doors opened easily because the bear had ripped off the door panels–and destroyed most of the car’s interior. The key fob wouldn’t open the hatchbacks, so one deputy lifted it open while the other stood nearby with his shotgun, just in case.

Thankfully, when the door popped open, the bear jumped out and ran back into the woods.

Mobile app users, tap here for the video. 

The bear is free and the deputies are safe, but the car wasn't so lucky. 
The bear is free and the deputies are safe, but the car wasn’t so lucky.

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