Colorado Springs caretaker arrested in connection with disabled man’s choking death

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs caretaker has been arrested after a developmentally delayed man he was taking care of choked on food and died.

The death happened December 21 at a home in the area of Woodmen Road and Black Forest Road in northeastern Colorado Springs. Police said the victim, a 25-year-old man who was intellectually and developmentally delayed, choked on food served to him by his caretaker, 43-year-old John Ledbetter. First responders tried to revive the victim, but were unsuccessful.

In March 2016, an agency responsible for overseeing Ledbetter asked police to further investigate the incident. Police learned Ledbetter had prepared a plate of food for the victim and then left him alone to eat. This went against the victim’s care plan, which said he was prone to choking and should be constantly supervised while eating.

Ledbetter was arrested at his home on Tuesday. He is charged with criminally negligent homicide of an at-risk person.

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