Local law enforcement reacts to Dallas shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — In the aftermath of the killing of 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas, our local law enforcement agencies talked Friday about what we as a community need to do in so we can avoid a similar tragedy.

With the death of two black men at the hands of white police officers – one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota – and the terrible killing of officers in Dallas, racial tensions are high in the country.

Law enforcement urged us to not let that tension consume our community as well.

“I know we have 1,500 sworn sheriff deputies and police officers in our region and they all woke up today to a changed fabric of the world,” said Fountain Police Chief Chris Heberer.

It can be difficult for our law enforcement leaders to comprehend how tragedies like this are still happening.

“I’m shocked that in this day and age that public sees, even just some members of our public, sees law enforcement is the enemy,” said El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder.

They know not to group everyone together as bad people, but the shootings in Dallas has them thinking of safety in our community.

“I believe that there are a small number of people that are opportunists and they’re going to take advantage of a large gathering of people. We’ve done our homework in the last day or so and there are no known threats or events going on in this community that I’m extremely nervous about,” said CSPD Police Chief Pete Carey.

Bringing our community together is more important now than ever.

“Sometimes community members don’t always get it right. Sometimes police officers don’t get it right, but the most important thing that we can do is stay committed to the relationship building trust. If we can learn as a community to trust each other then we’re going to be ok,” said Heberer.

Mourning together for those lost in Dallas will help to start building trust again between our community and law enforcement.

“God bless the people of Dallas, the police department, their DART team. God bless our country and the state of Colorado,” said Heberer.

All of our local law enforcement said they’re partnering with other community leaders to make sure we don’t experience a tragedy like the one in Dallas.

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