Big storm leaves Pueblo with a lot of cleaning up to do

Pueblo storm
Flooding at the entrance of the Pueblo Zoo caused it to close until it dries up / Taylor Bishop -- FOX21 News

PUEBLO, Colo. — Pueblo has a lot of cleaning up to do after the Friday morning storm.

Roads were closed and debris and mud washed up into yards. Flooding at the entrance of the zoo even caused it shut down.

Tina Martinez who has lived in Pueblo for 55 years said, “This was one of the worst huh?”

Her neighbor across the street, Elsie Martinez said, “Yeah, we’ve had bad but this was worse.”

“This was crazy worse,” said Tina.

Both Mesa Street and Northern Avenue got a lot of water.

“It looks like a river out here,” said Elsie. “We have to get all the debris, dirt and filth and then we have to get out here and clean.”

When the water dries, it leaves a path.

Elsie said, “At least when I had my family they all grew here and just like them they grew up here, they’d play in the water because it was so deep and then after they started getting older they had to clean it.”

“I’ve seen canoes come down this street in storms,” said Tina.

They say just up the road in newer development there’s storm drains so all of the water comes down to them.

“I grew up in this house,” said Tina. “I’m always here. The same thing, the same experiences ever since I can remember.”

Elsie said, “I’m always was telling them, ‘Gee, I wish we’d get some rain’. I better watch that I say that again.”

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