Crawfishing event gives kids unique, hands-on learning experience

Kids had a chance to learn about these freshwater lobsters in Colorado Springs on Saturday / Macy Egeland -- FOX21 News

FOUNTAIN, Colo.– You may remember crawfishing as a kid, but now-a-days, it’s not something you hear about too often.

On Saturday afternoon, the Fountain Creek Nature Center got kids to put down the iPads and learn about these freshwater lobsters.

Several families took part in the program at the Willow Springs pond just south of Colorado Springs.

The kids tried to lure in the mudbugs using bacon as bait and then examined them once they were out of the water.

Organizers say it’s a fun way to get families outside and learn a thing or two about nature.

“These days for some reason, many reasons, kids don’t get out to explore on their own to look for crawdads or fish or underwater invertebrates,” Fountain Creek Nature Center Supervisor Nancy Bernard said. “So we do it through programs and parents and grandparents taking their children out to explore nature.”

Organizers say the crawfishing event has been going on for decades.

Admission is $5 and all of the money goes back to the nature center.

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