Brand new water filtration system now serves small Colorado community

water filtration system
The new water filtration system in Colorado Centre / Macy Egeland -- FOX21 News

COLORADO CENTRE, Colo.– Cities having access to clean water has been an issue not only nationally in places like Flint, Michigan but even here locally in southern Colorado.

One small community outside Colorado Springs is celebrating their new water filtration system – a project that’s been in the works for several years.

Like many other small communities across the state, Colorado Centre gets their water from underground wells; but with it comes several contaminants like manganese.

“We have to add ‘all clear’ to make it clear so people aren’t drinking black water,” District President of the Colorado Centre Metropolitan, Michael Cantin said. “It’s completely safe, but because of the molecules it makes it black.”

Andy Tuthill, who has lived in Colorado Centre for 23 years said,  “It doesn’t hurt you but it stains stuff and plugs up water filters.”

Now with the addition of the new Michael H. Cantin Water Complex, they can filter it out and stop putting additional chemicals into their water, saving them $4,000 a month.

“As a community, everything we have done has been done very economically and very well managed,” Tuthill said.

The facility will treat 1.8 million gallons a day, serving 1,125 homes and 7 commercial properties.

Additionally, the residents didn’t have to hand out any extra cash to make it happen.

“What we concentrate on here in Colorado Center is that we don’t go out for bonds. We don’t borrow money,” Cantin said. “We build up our income first and then when we have the income, we then build our facilities.”

“It’s a great thing for a community of this size to be able to have this, and it’s a great thing that it’s paid for already,” Tuthill said.

The Michael H. Cantin Water Complex will also temporarily serve about 1,000 homes being constructed near Colorado Centre.

They say the facility can be expanded to treat about 2 million more gallons a day in the future.

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