Military Matters: Fort Carson library challenging kids to read

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Dozens of families are keeping their kids busy this summer by encouraging them to read.

More than 100 kids are spending part of their summer at Fort Carson’s library, where they’re challenging themselves to read as many minutes as they can.

“We’re competing also with other military installations to get our kids to read just as much as maybe Fort Bragg or Fort Hood and we’re in the game,” said Cassandra Osuji, the supervisor of Grant Library.

The six-week reading program is an opportunity for kids to continue learning, but it’s also a chance to let their wild imaginations soar.

“Reading stories to them and having their imaginations just grow from reading a book — it helps in every aspect of their day to day life,” said Sgt. Ryan McIntosh with Fort Carson.

“I really enjoy the reading program,” said Deya Smith, a parent. “My kids love to read and so I’m glad that we’re able to have something here at Fort Carson for them to be able to enjoy books with other kids too.”

“They just want to hang out and they’re with their friends and hearing a story so they’re really not too concerned if you mess up too much,” said McIntosh.

The reading program has been around for several years, and each year it grows just a little bit bigger.

“This program is growing, growing, growing, so I am extremely happy to be a part of this community and to bring this type of program to the community,” said Osuji.

But in order for the program to work, they need those minutes.

“That’s how we get the funding for this program and I am anticipating big numbers,” said Osuji. “I’m looking for big bucks so we can continue to do so.”

The program runs from now until July 21, and it isn’t just open to kids. Anyone who wants to challenge themselves to read can sign up until the very last week.

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