Colorado Springs Boy Scout raising funds for homeless families

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A local Boy Scout is on a mission to raise money for homeless mothers and children in Colorado Springs, and on Saturday, the community came together over a motorcycle ride to help promote his vision.

“I’m a little bit nervous but yes, it’s a sense of relief and accomplishment,” said Jacob Bontje, a Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 214.

Bontje has raised nearly $7,500 to help single homeless mothers find homes.

“These moms don’t have the benefit of a family and friends who will help them,” he said.

The Eagle Scout project is personal for Jacob, whose mother went through a tough divorce with five children. The 15-year-old said that if it weren’t for the support of his family, they too could have been homeless.

“We just went through an extremely difficult time, and after seeing her, she’s doing so much better than she was before and it just makes me feel excited for what’s next,” said Bontje.

All of the proceeds raised from Jacob’s mission will benefit Mary’s Home, an organization that helps moms move their families into a completely furnished apartment that includes everything from furniture to toothpaste.

“I’m really amazed by him and I think that he is going to make an incredible influence for Mary’s Home,” said Mary Hoggatt, the program manager for Mary’s Home. “I think it’s going to go beyond his expectations.”

“It’s great for us to help him raise money for a cause that we think is near and dear to our hearts and so it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to support,” said John Anderson, president of the Green Night military motorcycle club.

That support has made Jacob’s dream a reality.

“All of the people that have come around him to support him and his vision and really are supporting Mary’s Home,” said Hoggatt. “It’s just such a beautiful, beautiful thing.”

“Doing something like this, it may be hard, but you definitely get a good feeling out of it,” said Bontje.

If you’d like to help Jacob raise even more money, he will be hosting a fundraiser Tuesday evening at Bubba’s 33. Anyone is welcome to attend and participate.

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