Stop leaving pets in hot cars

dog in car
A dog left in a hot car / Ray Harless -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — If you went outside at any point on Thursday you most definitely felt the heat, which broke a record from 2011.

That heat can can not only be dangerous to people, but it can be deadly to pets – especially when they’re left in cars.

We seem to cover this story every summer.

You may say to yourself, ‘I’ve heard this before,” but it’s something that still needs to be told.

Here’s why – we continue to find pet owners who leave their dogs in cars.

We were out covering another story when we came across an animal control officer outside of a car looking at a dog left inside by its owners with the windows barely cracked.

Even though 90 degrees may not seem hot to some people, inside a car, “the heat will get trapped inside of the car. The heat doesn’t have anywhere to go and so it can be very very quick,” said veterinarian Steve Durrance.

To show just how fast temperatures can rise inside a car – to make a deadly scenario for an animal – we put a thermometer inside.

It read about 98 degrees to start.

After 10 minutes, the thermometer read about 110 degrees.

Veterinarians said that dogs pant to cool themselves off, but when a car is this hot their panting doesn’t work, which can lead to a deadly situation extremely quickly.

“It starts off with affecting the heart and lungs and then as their body temperature rises they can go into shock and that can lead eventually to death,” said Durrance.

Some people might think that having the windows cracked is enough, but that’s simply not the case.

“Even if you’re going into a store for a few minutes and even if the windows are cracked the temperature can still rise pretty quickly,” said Durrance.

Here in Colorado, you can face charges of animal cruelty for leaving your pets in a car.

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