Health and haze in the sky

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Smoke from all those fires combined brought hazy skies across much of Southern Colorado on Thursday. The state’s Air Quality Council issued an “Ozone Action Day Alert” to last though Friday.

“We brought our son to the park today it mostly cleared up in the afternoon so we thought it would be fine to come to the park,” said Amy Mogck who was with her family at America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs.

Mogck works inside but she could still feel it affecting her body.

“Just a little stinging of the eyes, but nothing worse than recent allergies,” said Mogck.

Health officials said it’s important to check in with your kids right now.

“Ask them ‘hey are you coughing? Are your lungs hurting?’ and if you hear that or you see the redness around their eyes, might be irritating them, it’s time to maybe bring it back indoors,” said Tom Gonzales, Deputy Director, El Paso County Public Health.

Doctor Caplan from the Colorado Springs Allergy and Asthma Clinic said you don’t have to suffer from allergies.

“You don’t have to have asthma when it’s that hazy outside, and there’s that much smoke in the air it can cause a lot of people to have some flem some congestion or some cough,” said Doctor Caplan.

If you can’t avoid the outdoors, there are ways to take care of any symptoms.

“Staying hydrated is really important, doing the nasal rinse is really important, so salt water rinse for the nose and sinuses,” said Doctor Caplan.

When the air quality is poor we can help out by carpooling or taking public transportation. Also, conserving energy at home helps.

For more information on air quality in the region click here.

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