CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A Colorado Springs tattoo artist using questionable procedures

tattoo concerns
A tattoo artist has been fired from Tattoo America after video surfaces of him using questionable procedures / Colorado Coalition Against Home Tattooists and Substandard Studios

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Video of a Colorado Springs tattoo artist using questionable procedures is getting a lot of attention. Now other industry professionals want to get the word out.

Our sources wanted to stay anonymous. They say the video was posted on Facebook by the mother of the person getting the tattoo. It was then shared on the group Facebook page of the Colorado Coalition Against Home Tattooists and Substandard Studios. It started generating comments and shares from many group members after they noticed multiple violations in the video.

The video shows a young man sitting in a chair at Tattoo America on Academy. The artist mentions something about a ‘dry-run’ and the person filming says, “Yeah”.

Then a younger boy walks over, puts his arm out and the tattooist runs the needle over his forearm with no ink.

While Colorado state law says anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent before getting tattooed, that’s not the issue in question – it’s the sharing of equipment and possible cross-contamination.

Our source said, “He had touched the other child then touched the other one that he’s tattooing with the same gloves, didn’t change anything, touched his lamp, moved that around, those are all very technical aspects of keeping people safe.”

He says these are simple things artists learn through apprenticeships but they also have to know to get licensed.

“He could be giving the child a staph infection, several things like that because he was not practicing proper universal precautions.”

Now he and some fellow artists in the area want to see consequences.

“We want to this artist’s license revoked and we don’t want to see this kind of person tattooing in El Paso County.”

The El Paso County Health Department says if they find a violation it will be added to the inspection report. If it’s a critical violation, it must be corrected immediately. If they see it happen again, the owner of the studio could get a $250 fine. If it continues after that then they can suspend the license.

Tattoo America posted this statement on their Facebook page:

“It was brought to my attention that a contract artist was tattooing at this business after hours on his relatives and may have not followed required procedures. No contractors are allowed to do any work after hours. This contractor is no longer employed at this business.”


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