Pueblo West school evacuated due to bomb threat

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. — A bomb threat at Liberty Point Elementary School forced all students to be evacuated. The threat was just one of several around the nation and a number of parents with students at Liberty Point are frustrated at how they were notified.

“I heard a couple of my friends talking about how the principal was running around saying that we needed to get to safety and I was worried that something really bad was going to happen,” said Kaylee, a fifth grader at the elementary school.

Fortunately nothing bad did happen after authorities searched the school and found nothing but for some parents, they had no idea this was even happening.

“I was extremely worried because there’s been so much going on lately and not having any information just left me with lots of questions,” said parent Paula Buck.

Buck and other parents were notified through an automated voice message that said nothing more than there was a threat and students were being moved to Pueblo West High School.

“It was just the one message and we didn’t even get any explanation here,” she said. “It was just picking up your kids. There wasn’t a gather round and let me tell you what we know so there wasn’t anything like that.”

For students like Kaylee — they say the experience was just really scary.

“Was worried,” she said. “Just like what’s my mom going to think about this, will I see my mom again, what about my sister, how’s she doing, does she know what’s going on.”

Although there’s still a lot of unanswered questions, both parents and students say they’re just grateful everyone is safe.

“I mean I got my kids and they’re safe but it could’ve been a little better organized,” said Buck.

“I’m feeling definitely relieved and glad that nothing bad happened,” Kaylee said.

Parents were asked to pick up their students at Pueblo West High School.

Parents of students who participate in the Autism Program were asked to pick up their students in the front office at Liberty Point International.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office said a preliminary search of the building didn’t show anything unusual. A second search conducted with dogs also didn’t find anything.

The sheriff’s office said the threat came from a robocall, and several other schools in the state have received similar threats.

Deputies said the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force have been notified of the incident.

UPDATE: Shortly after 4:30 p.m., the sheriff’s office said all units had been cleared from Liberty Point Elementary School. A systematic check of the school’s buildings and parking lots was conducted by CSPD K-9 Units, CSPD officers and school staff and nothing suspicious was found on the premises. The school was turned back over to school administration.

The investigation is ongoing.


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