FRESH & NEW: Farm-inspired open kitchen and mercantile opening in Colorado Springs

Till comes to Briargate / Altitude Hospitality Group

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Good news for fresh, local food fans – Till is a new farm-inspired open kitchen and mercantile coming to Briargate.

It’s an 18,000 square-foot, $13 million-dollar restaurant and market and it’s coming from the same owners that operate Garden of the Gods Gourmet and The Pinery at the Hill.

It all started about 20 years ago when owner Mitchell Yellen’s sister Karen was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She made the switch to eating all fresh, organic foods and Yellen watched it change her life.

“Twice the doctors gave her six months to live but because of eating well, I believe it extended her life for a very long time,” said Yellen.

Beating the odds through eating healthy, Karen lived another 14 years and inspired by her, Till is a place where people can have access to the best foods they can put in their bodies.

“We look for the freshest, natural ingredients locally or we try to use the word hyperlocal,” said Eric Allen, Vice President and COO of Altitude Hospitality Group. “We want to find products within a 50 mile radius. If not, we go to the four corners, within 500 miles, the local food and some of it will be regional.”

From a wood-burning pizza oven and artisan bread to customizable sushi, Till will have an open-style kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work.

Allen said, “It’s a place that you can come and have a glass of wine or close a business deal or you can come in in shorts or you can come in in a suit and still feel comfortable.”

Whether you’re vegan, paleo, gluten-free or none of the above, you can sit down and have a nourishing meal or grab the healthy ingredients to make it at home.

“That drives me every day when I think of my sister Karen and that we’re bringing that to people,” said Yellen. “That really if they do really eat better and take care of themselves and pay attention that they will find that they’ll live a longer, healthier life.”

Till opens June 1 and they’ve already got a website with blog posts and a ton of foodie information. Check it out at

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