Crags area closed due to hazardous trees

UPDATE: (June 21, 2016): The area reopened on June 20, with new restrictions on camping, fires, and parking.

>> READ MORE: Crags recreation area reopens; new camping rules in effect

ORIGINAL STORY (May 23, 2016): 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Crags area, including the Crags Campground and Forest Road 383 have been temporarily closed due to a large number of trees that pose a safety hazard to the public.

The Pikes Peak Ranger District of the Pike-San Isabel National Forest made the decision early Monday evening after U.S. Forest Service personnel discovered the hazardous trees in areas frequently used by visitors for camping.

A spruce beetle infestation several years ago has left many of the shallow-rooted spruce trees dead along Forest Road 383. The closure will last several weeks until the trees can be cut from the areas.

All public entry into the area including camping, day use, hiking and access to the Crags and Devils Playground trails off Forest Road 383 is strictly prohibited.

Roads will reopen once crews have finished cutting the hazardous trees; however, camping will only be allowed in the Crags Campground and parking will only be allowed at designated trailheads and within the campground. Dispersed camping and campfires along Forest Road 383 will be prohibited due to safety concerns.

Visitors are urged to take extra precautions when in the aforementioned areas this summer.

For more information about the Crags area and closure, you can contact the Pikes Peak Ranger District at 719-636-1602.

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