Old motel gets transformed into affordable housing

Home Depot volunteers renovate Lofthouse Motel in Woodland Park, CO. / Christina Dawidowicz FOX21
Home Depot volunteers renovate Lofthouse Motel in Woodland Park / Christina Dawidowicz -- FOX21 News

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — It took over 200 volunteers and a lot of team work, but a project to convert an old motel into affordable housing has finally begun.

The original 24-room Lofthouse Motel, located at 222 East Henrietta Avenue, will turn into nine condos for low-income families.

Lauren Choate, a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, knows all too well what this will all mean – so she’s giving back.

“It’s nice being here with them too and you know, just kind of encouraging them and you know, telling them it gets better as we go along and it gets more real,” said Choate.

Choate knows how important it is to help and how great an impact one can make by simply lending a hand. She’s familiar with this feeling because she soon will be one of the individuals receiving a home through Habitat for Humanity.

“My family has been piled up in medical bills for several years. My husband’s an amputee and he actually used to be a custom home-builder,” said Choate. “So, he loves to do this kind of stuff anyway so, he’s able to come out here and able to do what he loves to do as well and just help these families.”

The two-month project will also be benefiting veterans.

“It’s amazing that we have all of these brave veterans who come back home and who don’t feel like they’re part of their own communities,” said Dawn Erksa, Team Depot volunteer.

Two of the condos will be going to veterans and their families.

“There’s a lot of things that happen to veterans when they’re overseas defending our rights and our livelihood,” said Erksa. “It’s only right to give back to them when they return home.”

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