Colorado Springs city council discusses moratorium on building in landslide zones

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — City council members are talking about a potential moratorium on building any new homes in landslide zones.

Last May, wet weather created a major landslide, causing damage to several homes and leading some to be condemned. About $3 million in FEMA funds will be spread throughout the state, but homes and lots are still up for sale in the impacted area.

Now, three councilmen have sparked the conversation about preventing any new homes from being built.

“We’ve got this great economic boom going on that we don’t want to stymie, but in the same case we don’t want to be building homes that we know will not stand the next flood,” councilman Don Knight said. “We need to put a sense of urgency in here to tackling this problem and finding a solution.”

Nothing has been proposed just yet. Next week, there will be a meeting with Mayor John Suthers regarding the moratorium.

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