The Perch parrot cafe opens in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A new coffee cafe in Colorado Springs ruffled some feathers with its grand opening Saturday afternoon.

It’s a lot like any other. They have locally roasted coffee, treats and a comfortable place to hang out.

But unlike most quiet cafes, you’ll hear what makes this one different once you walk through the door.

“We feel like it’s unique and we haven’t found in our research any place quite like this in the whole country,” owner Erik Wolf said.

Erik and his wife Michele just opened their new parrot café, appropriately named The Perch.

People are already flying through the door.

“I think it’s a great idea just because cafes are so popular nowadays,” Sheva Khalafbeigi said.

“There are a lot more bird owners out there and probably people that want to know more about birds,” Ava Fuqua said.

“People can come in and study. They can chat, meet their friends here, and they can learn about the birds so I think it’s just a genius idea,” Khalafbeigi said.

But the cafe provides more than just a unique atmosphere. It’s a one-stop shop for bird owners, and those who would like to become one.

“We’ve been working with these birds and really trying to find them good homes because we think they deserve a second chance,” Wolf said.

Some of the birds have come from a rough past, but are now up for adoption to a good home.

“The idea behind the cafe was really that people were going to want to come and spend time with the birds,” Wolf said. “They don’t always latch on to everybody. There are some birds that are super, super social but then there are some birds that really just fall in love with one person in particular. So we wanted to give folks a place where they could get to know the birds and sort of meet them on their own time.”

They have same-day adoptions for the smaller birds, but it’ll take about two weeks to bring home a large parrot.

Erik and Michele said they want to take the time to make sure they’re going to good homes.

“Hundreds of birds, even in Colorado, are getting turned over to animal shelters and rescues every single year, so if we can use a place like this to help find them homes, then we feel like we’re doing a really good job,” Wolf said.

Adoption fees range from $10 to around $500. If you were to buy some of these birds from a breeder or store, it could cost you around $3,000.

The Perch is located at the intersection of South 8th Street and West Brookside Street.

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