Authorities look to Tinder users for help in storage unit homicide case

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — New details are becoming available about a Colorado Springs murder investigation.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is now releasing the victim’s name. Authorities say 33-year-old Julie Tureson’s body was found inside a Public Storage unit on East Platte Avenue on Friday.

She was reported missing that morning.

Detectives then began looking for the owner of the unit, 38-year-old James T. Woo.

He was later arrested in Seattle just before getting on a plane to Hong Kong.

Authorities said Woo and Tureson were in a relationship and had recently broken up.

They said he traveled often and would try to meet up with women through the popular dating app Tinder.

Detective Sgt. Cliff Porter said Woo is originally from San Francisco.

Now they’re asking for the community’s help in Denver, Colorado Springs, San Francisco, and Daly City, California.

“Historical data or historical information on a case of this magnitude can be very important to us and when we have an individual that has an entirely separate life out of the Colorado area, that entirely separate life can be equally important to investigators,” Porter said.

Authorities think Woo may have been sending unusual messages on Tinder, and they believe other women’s experiences with him would be helpful in their investigation.

“What was he contacting you for? What was he saying? What was he recommending? What were the words he used? Was the communication friendly? Was it angry? Was it emotional? Those are all things we would like to hear from the receivers,” Porter said.

He said they believe Woo planned to kill Tureson and leave the United States before anyone found out. He said they’re lucky they caught him when they did.

“It’s critical that we apprehend anybody that has committed murder as quickly as possible because the potential for additional danger is always there,” Porter said. “I have no experience in dealing with a foreign communist country and whether or not they would be cooperative in returning somebody.”

Woo was arrested in Seattle for first-degree murder just before he was about to board a plane to Hong Kong. He has not yet been brought back to Colorado.

If you had any contact with him through Tinder or any other dating app, you’re asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 719-390-5555.

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