Public gets preview of Deerfield Hills Community Center renovations

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The city of Colorado Springs showed off its progress on the city’s oldest community center Saturday.

Construction at the Deerfield Hills Community Center has reached the halfway mark, and Saturday, the public was given a sneak peak.

The center received a nearly $500,000 grant from HUD to help bring the 45-year-old building up to ADA standards and make the facility accessible to everyone.

Each year, the center serves about 72,000 citizens.

“For the southeast neighborhood of Deerfield Hills, it really serves as a central hub, a place for the community to gather for programs, for safe spaces for kids, and so our neighbors and our residents really make good use of it, and they’re the reason why we’re getting to grow,” parks operation administrator Jody Derington said.

Construction started in February, and the center should be back up and running in July.

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