Colorado Springs group collects suitcases for foster kids

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs woman is trying to bring a little love and a little dignity to children in the foster care system.

Saturday was the first-ever Cases of Love event, where people were asked to donate bags and suitcases to be distributed to various agencies that work with youth in foster care.

“You just can’t give a kid a trash bag and say, ‘Here, pack your garbage. You’re getting out of our house and you have to go somewhere new,'” event coordinator Becky Wyzykowski said.

“When they’ve been taken out of their homes, historically, they’ve been coming out with all of their belongings in trash bags, and that’s how they go from placement to placement is with their belongings in a trash bag, and we think our foster children deserve a whole lot more than that,” Wyzykowski said.

Organizers said they were overwhelmed by this year’s turnout, and hope to make it an annual event. If you missed Saturday’s event and want to donate, call the El Paso County Department of Human Services and say you’d like to be part of Cases of Love.

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