Group holds peaceful protest opposing proposed land exchange

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Some upset citizens took a stand against a proposed land swap between Colorado Springs and the Broadmoor Saturday afternoon.

About three months ago, the city announced they were considering trading public land to the Broadmoor in exchange for a larger area of land, part of it near the Incline and Barr Trail.

The piece of land causing the most concern is a patch of 189 acres in Cheyenne Canon Park known as Strawberry Fields.

The Broadmoor says if they own it, they plan to turn it into a picnic area and horse stable.

But the protesters say it should remain open to everyone and not be developed.

“It was announced to the public just about three months ago. It could be over in another three weeks, and we’re making two arguments. One, it shouldn’t happen. But two, there should be more time because many people aren’t aware of what’s going on, and it may be over before many people do know,” Kent Obee, a participant of the protest, said.

Almost 5,000 people have signed an online petition opposing the land swap.

On Saturday, the group mentioned they have hired a lawyer to keep the land in the public’s possession.

The Colorado Springs City Council is expected to vote on the issue sometime in May.

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