Woodland Park businesses take financial hit after snowstorm

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — The recent storm didn’t stick around for long.

“The snow’s still got everybody moving at a slow pace,” said Sean Reynolds, operator of Joanie’s Deli.

“It’s normal for a lot of years ago, like lately we haven’t had these storms here, so this was a really good one,” said Patricia Oomen, general manager of The Hungry Bear.

But it wasn’t good for small businesses in Woodland Park.

The snow kept some people stuck indoors, causing many to miss work.

“Our employees called off, like almost half of our employees called off,” Oomen said.

And customers stayed in.

“We got out to a decent little start Saturday morning, but as the roads stayed bad and got worse, we ended up closing around 1:30,” Reynolds said.

Employees at The Hungry Bear said they lost half of what they normally make in sales.

“That’s a huge loss. This is a small business to operate,” Oomen said.

Joanie’s Deli also took a hit.

“We lost probably a good 90 percent of sales that would have happened due to the weather,” Reynolds said.

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